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Makro Stavebniny Krkonoše

Race Program

Organizer: SK Krakonoš Vrchlabí
Race director: Radek Havrda, 541 01 Vlčice 116, tel. 777 290 390
Track commissioner: Michal Čepek, Rudník 33, 543 72, tel. 737 225 423
Timekeeper: Mgr. Karel Vlček, Podhradí 30, Bakov nad Jizerou, tel. 724 147 775
Press spokesman: Slavomír Pulpán, Dukelská 1317, 543 01 Vrchlabí, tel. 777 261 554
Date of race: 24. – 27. February 2011
Cancellation date: 20. February 2011
Presentation: 24. February 2011 till 16,00 at Harmonie hotel, Lánov - airfield Vrchlabí
Registration deadline: 20. February 2011 addressed to the race director.
Classes: Not announced, the team consists of 8 - 10 dogs, a musher and a cross-country skier, the skier can be tied to the sleigh or go on his own. He cannot go skjoring.
Starting fee: 2 000 CZK per team (2 500 CZK after deadline) at presentation.
Veterinary requirements: pet passports for all dogs involved in the race with valid vaccination against rabies, distemper and parvovirosis s hall be presented by the racers at presentation,
veterinary check will be carried out before the race: 14,00 – 16,00hod
Cleaning: Continuous tidying up, all waste shall be put in the place specified by the organizer.
Course of the race:
Stage 1. – 24. February 2011, 17:30 night prolog cca 10 km, start and finish Harmonie hotel - Lánov, trasa: outskirt of airfield Vrchlabí
Stage 2. – 25. February 2011, 10:00 day prolog cca 10 km, start and finish Harmonie hotel - Lánov, trasa: outskirt of airfield Vrchlabí
Stage 3. – 25. February 2011, 15:00 cca 44 km, mass start - Hotel Harmonie, po trase Airfield Vrchlabí - Strážné - Struhadla – Klínové boudy – Bufet na rozcestí – Friesovy boudy – Hříběcí boudy – Liščí cesta – Tetřeví boudy – Rejdiště – bivak Srub Na Brodu (nad lomem v H. Lánově)
Stage 4. - 26. February 2011, 10:00 cca 48 km, start and finish - srub Na Brodu – trasa: Srub Na Brodu (nad lomem v H.Lánově) – Tetřeví boudy – Mír – Lučiny – sedlo pod Kolínskou boudou –Luční svážnice – Spáleniště – sedlo pod Kolínskou boudou – Javoří důl vodojem - Pardubické Boudy - Krausovy Boudy – Valšovky – Javoří důl vodojem – Spáleniště – Lučiny – Mír – Tetřeví boudy – Rejdiště, bivak Srub Na Brodu
Stage 5. - 27. February 2011, 9:00 cca 44 km start - srub Na Brodu - v protisměru druhé etapy back to parking Harmonie hotel, Lánov - airfield Vrchlabí
Race ending: 27. February 2011 in the early evening at the restaurant in Harmonie hotel.
The prizes will be handed over to the racers present.
!! The organizer is entitled to change the route with respect to the current snow and weather conditions. Details will be specified before the start of each stage.
!! Raising a protest orally, immediately after finishing the stage and in writing one hour after finishing the stage at the latest together with fee 500,- CZK (if the claim is justified, the fee will be returned).
Obligatory equipment:
Dogs: Spare harnesses and collars, coats for the shorthaired, boots for dogs.
Top-class stakeout + at least one stakeout pole + climbing rope 5 meters at minimum.
Sled: Frame brake + drag (rubber braking pad) + snow hook + sleigh bag.
Outfit: Knife, forehead torch, tent for team, sleeping bags, groundsheets, cooker, suitable clothing, feed for dogs and food for three days, backpack (to make space for a dog on the sled), Shovel for clearing the snow and cleaning.
First-aid kit box: Basic first-aid equipment for racers and dogs.
Note: The maximum number of 25 teams can take part in the race. In the case of larger number of registered racers the organizer is entitled to the right of choice. Those interested not chosen will be fully returned the starting fee.
Rules and specific instructions:
* The musher, his dogs and a skier forms one team, they start together and the finishing time is given by passing through the finishing tape of the last team member.
* During the course of race the team members are only allowed to use their own food, feed for dogs, material and bivouacking gear brought on the sleigh of their own. This provision is valid from the start on Friday 10.00 to passing through the finish on Sunday.
* During the course of race the team can only sleep in their tent in the designated area.
* The dogs stay overnight during the course of race on stakeouts and can be tied to a tree only with a cord loop so that the loop could not cause damage to the tree.
* Before and after the race they can stay in transporter boxes.
* The dogs harnessed at the evening prologue must be the same as for the stage to bivouac.
* The dog taken on the sleigh during the race can be harnessed again.
* The dog eliminated by the vet or musher’s decision stays in the care of team or their company and is not allowed to continue in further stages. The organizer enables the musher to transfer the dog to the care of his company.
* The team shall arrive at the finish with a minimum of 7 dogs harnessed.
* Conditions of dogs are veterinary examined throughout the race.
* Free running of dogs around is prohibited. If there is a dog free-running around, the racer or dog’s owner will be disqualified.
* Everything taken to the mountains by the team shall be brought back to the finish including waste (dog excrements are excepted) and put in the designated place.
* Water can be replenished only at Tetrevi Boudy.
* The team is allowed to leave at the Tetrevi Boudy station only an empty tent and stakeout. All the other supplies must be taken away – it will be checked.
* The racers shall follow the instructions of organizers, the Krkonose National Park Staff and Mountain Service Officers, respect visitor rules of the National Park and good behaviour rules.
* The organizer is entitled to adapt the rules according to current conditions, make exceptions or disqualify a team. All rule changes shall be published in advance.
* Disqualified racers or those not accepted to start in the Ledova jizda (Ice Race) are neither allowed without consultation with the organizers to move along the race route nor in the territory of the Krkonose National Park, there is a high probability of getting a heavy fine from the National Park Administration.
* The race is extremely difficult. The participants only start on their own risk.
The race program, valid race and behavior rules and movement of people in the Krkonose National Park will be continuously and consistently checked. In the case of their infringements by a racer the whole team is disqualified. In the case of serious offence the organizers will judge the offender’s participation in the following memorial races.